10th World Nursing, Healthcare and Patient Safety Conference Past Conference Report

10th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference

First of all, we want to express our gratitude for allowing us to participate in the 10NHPSUCG2021, an international forum for debating a number of crucial nursing and healthcare issues. We have countless reasons to express our gratitude to each and every one of our supporters for helping to make the Nursing Congress 2021 a fantastic conference. Without your unwavering belief in our organisation and support, Nursing Congress 2021 would not have reached its current level of prominence in the healthcare industry.

The presence of international specialists from academia and business, as well as young, brilliant researchers, corporate and academic delegations, and student communities from more than 25 countries, helped the conference succeed.

10th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference

As well as Dr. Aysha Al Mahri, Dr. Ali Nagem, Dr. Jorge Hidalgo, Mr. Nael Soudi, Ms. Tabrikah Mohammed, Dr. Nanacy Steenbakkers, Dr. Ashiq Masood, DR. Ana Gomes, Dr. Pasqua Spinelli, Prof. Tarek ALI, Dr. Basmah Rafie, and Dr. Najla Alnassar, we would like thank for attending our conference as keynote speakers.

The Utilitarian Conferences Gathering expresses gratitude to each and every participant for the overwhelming, wonderful reaction. This motivates us to keep planning conferences and events to further gastrointestinal and hepatological research.

The gathering strengthened linkages between nursing and healthcare initiatives for the future and the medical community, and it promoted numerous joint research projects. The conference featured a diverse group of world-class speakers, keynote and plenary speakers, well-known researchers, and conference attendees who enlightened the audience with their enviable research expertise and on a range of enticing topics related to the field of medicine & healthcare through their fantastic presentations at the platform of 10NHPSUCG2021.

The Utilitarian Conferences Gathering’s 10th World Nursing, Healthcare, and Patient Safety Conference was place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on December 15–17, 2021. The members of the organizing committee as well as scientists, researchers, students, and leaders from a variety of nursing and healthcare fields, clinical research organizations, medical groups, related associations, and societies, as well as representatives from governmental organizations, the pharmaceutical, and medical device industries, all responded with generosity and active participation.


12th International Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference

12th International Nursing, Healthcare and Patient Safety Conference

UCG extends its sincere gratitude to the members of the organising committee, the keynote speakers, the various outside experts, the company representatives, and other notable figures who interacted with the planning and supported the conference in every way. Without their efforts, the conference would not have been possible.

Your response serves as our motivation as we continue to uphold this credo and observe how nursing, healthcare, and patient safety have triumphed. The “12th International Nursing, Healthcare and Patient Safety Conference” will begin on July 25- 27, 2023 in Dubai, UAE. The conference’s subject is “Future of Nursing, Healthcare and Patient Safety.” We cordially invite all distinguished researchers, nurses, registered nurses, faculty members, students, and delegate attendees to participate in this conference in order to witness priceless scientific conversations and contribute to upcoming advancements in the field of pediatrics.

13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference

13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference

On November 15-18, 2023 in Los Angeles, USA our 13th edition 13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference is going to take part. The goal of the nursing conferences is to promote the exchange of information about nursing and healthcare workforce training across the globe. The largest nursing conferences in the world draw attendees from more than 40 nations, which results in an abundance of giving to and learning from one another. The meeting encourages networking and teamwork throughout.

This conference will feature eminent speakers, researchers, scientists, academicians, nurses, nursing practitioners, healthcare professionals, midwives, clinicians, and industry titans from all over the world presenting outstanding research that guides advancements in nursing practise, education, and management. The international congress offers a chance to connect with academics, researchers, clinical practitioners, and nursing colleagues who will share evidence-based findings for enhancing patient care quality and safety as well as healthcare delivery systems in global health.

Some of our conference images are as follows:

_11th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference_
_.11th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference._

10NHPSUCG Speakers

_11th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference._

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