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14th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference JULY 25-27, 2024 | HOLIDAY INN DUBAI, UAE

Eminent presenters, researchers, scientists, academics, nurses, nursing practitioners, healthcare professionals, midwives, clinicians, and pharmacists from around the globe will present excellent research that directs developments in nursing practice, education, and administration at the 14NHPSUCG. A chance to network with academics, researchers, clinical experts, and nursing colleagues who will present evidence-based discoveries for improving patient care quality and safety as well as healthcare delivery systems in global health is provided by the international congress. At this conference, all nursing professionals will have a fantastic opportunity to learn about current trends in nursing practice around the world. Keynote speeches, oral presentations, poster sessions by young researchers and students, seminars, and networking opportunities are all included in this three-day conference.

The nursing profession is dynamic and ever-evolving. We must make inventive improvements, such as strengthening outpatient therapy, emphasizing ethnic accomplishment, improving patient health and experience, and developing nurses’ data analysis skills, in order to accept new difficulties and advance in your profession. Recently, innovation and intelligence across all sectors have been the driving forces behind the creation of modern technical systems and software in the healthcare industry. Attending the 14NHPSUCG2024, you will be exposed to a variety of viewpoints as well as the most recent advancements and innovations in the nursing industry.