Feedback: 12th International Nursing, Healthcare, and Patient Safety Conference in Holiday Inn Al Barsha Dubai, UAE from July 25-27, 2023
Prof. Annegret Hannawa
Keynote Talk on Horizons Of Safe Communication: What Have We (Not Yet) Done?
Ms. Maria Sheila Zarsadiaz
Talk on Mechanisms and Efficacy of Heat and Cold Therapies
Dr. Wisam Khalid Abduljabbar Al-Janabi
Surgical safety in Iraq Challenges & Solutions
Mr. Robert Dorsett
The Effectiveness of Peer Support Group in Stroke Rehabilitation
Ms. Roua Aman
Impact Of Resilience At Work
Dr. Minnah Mahmoud
Talk on Science Of Healthcare Delivery In MENA Region. Optimising Care Delivery, Current And Future Challenges
Dr. Zuhur Altaymani
Talk on Individual Perceptions Related To Fall Risk Among Older Adults In An Acute Care Setting In Saudi Arabian Hospital
Ms. Hanouf Sonbol
Talk on Encouragement Strategies for Mandatory Professional Development In Nursing
Mr. Mohamed Amine Meddeb
Talk on Description Of The Use Of Facebook By Virtual Nurse Friends In Tunisia
Dr. Phuc Hong Ngoc Nguyen
Talk on Medical Tourism: Gains And Burdens In Developing Countries
Ms. Shaima Al Muqaimi
Talk on Exploring The Experiences Of Nurses During The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Critical Review Of The Qualitative Literature
Dr. Turki Alsebhan
Talk on The Impact of Working Environment Components on Local and Expatriated Nurses Job Satisfaction, Burnout, and Intention to Leave in The GCC and Jordan Hospitals
Ms. Raheela Hashmi
Talk on Significance of implementing, international patient safety goals in outpatient care setting at Mediclinic Alnoor, JCIA Hospital
Prof. Paulchris Okpala
Talk on Using Technology to Ameliorate the Effects of Healthcare Staff Shortages during Pandemics
Dr. Noor Alkhori
Talk on Special Considerations in the Imaging of Women and Children
Dr. Ahmed Aladawy
Prof. Len Gelman
Dr. Essam Hamed Ali
Mr. Carl Dowling
Feedback: 11th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference - November 15-18, 2022 in San Francisco, USA
Mr. Pavan Kumar Chundi
Ms. Maria Sheila Zarsadiaz
Ms. Athmar Alherz
Ms. Annette Davis Jackson
Mrs. Aziza Mustafa Abu al Ruz
Feedback: 10th World Nursing, Healthcare Management and Patient Safety Conference - December 15-17, 2021 in Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE
Dr. Essam Ali
Mr. Ayman Al-Nafea
Mr. Soufiane Roussuia
Ms. Annette Van Ginkel
Dr. Salwa Soliman
Ms. Carol Newsom