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Speaker Announcement..!! we’re so excited to welcome amazing speaker Mr. Carl Dowling, He will present his talk at our CME/CPD accredited 13th World Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference, which will be held in Holiday Inn Los Angeles Airport LAX, USA & Virtual, from November 15–18, 2023.


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Carl Dowling, a He recently received a 2:1 overall mark for the institution’s BSC Paramedic Science degree. He is currently striving to finish my paramedic preceptorship in the prehospital environment and events sector so that I can give emergency medical care to members of the public. During the Covid19 pandemic, he spent a brief periodof time in London and was able to assist with the urgent transfer of Critical Care Covid19 positive patients who needed to be treated at other hospitals while they were on Emote had just returned from London when he reflected on his time there and used it as motivation to produces first editorial for a medical journal, which was about Covid19. He has since developed a greater interest in evidence-based practice.

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