Miss Chinaemerenwa Uzowihe

Biography of Miss Chinaemerenwa Uzowihe

Miss Chinaemerenwa Uzowihe:

Profession: Doctoral Graduate from Baylor University

Address: Dallas, Texas, United States

  • Dr. Chinaemerenwa Uzowihe DNP is a recent graduate of Baylor University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Although her title is new, Chinaemerenwa has been working in the health care field since the age of 13. Early volunteering at an underserved hospital is where her love of healthcare and medical knowledge truly blossomed.     
  • With a significant background in medical surgical nursing, most of her professional interests center around improving care for patients across the life span with a special focus in the older population. Some of Dr. Uzowihe’s personal interests center around improving availability to medical services and increasing health literacy for those with limited access to the afore mentioned services.
  • Her professional approach is greatly focused on the promotion of preventative practices and researching alternative, less invasive, treatments for acute and chronic conditions. 
  • Dr. Uzowihe’s projects have been featured in many conferences and symposiums across the United States such as the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) Conference, the Planetree International Conference on Person-Centered Care, and the 2019 Inova Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium.
  • With her new degree, she is eager to continue her exploration in the clinical research and evidence-based practice space. She frequently describes her intent on making a significant impact in the nursing profession and subsequently the world. Dr. Uzowihe notes, “As healthcare providers, I think it is our job to ensure we make ‘good health’ obtainable to as many people as possible”.  


We are thrilled to let you know that Miss Chinaemerenwa Uzowihe is going to present her Poster Presentation on “O, o, o, it’s Ozone (O3): Standardizing the Use of Ozone Therapy in Management of Chronic Osteoarthritic Knee Pain” at the CME/CPD accredited 13th World Nursing, Healthcare Management, and Patient Safety Conference from November 15-18, 2023 in Los Angeles, USA & Virtual.

You can register in-person here: https://nursing.universeconferences.com/registration/

You can register virtually here: https://nursing.universeconferences.com/virtual-registration/

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