Mr. Charles Hale

Biography of Mr. Charles Hale

Mr. Charles Hale

President of Hale Consulting Solutions LLC

At Blue Cross of California, where he started his career, He immediately established hiself as the expert on HIPAA and contributed significantly to the sharing of electronic health data. He then expanded on his skill set to encompass cybersecurity and project management while managing significant initiatives for Dignity Health. his own business, Hale Consulting Solutions LLC, was able to get off the ground in 2021 because to these experiences.

Both the University of Oregon and the University of Southern California were his places of study. his credentials go beyond mere acronyms;


Meet our new speaker, Dr. Charles Hale will present at our CME/CPD accredited 14th World Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference from July 25-27, 2024 in Holiday Inn Dubai, UAE

Title of presentation: “Securing Patient Data: Navigating HIPAA in the Age of Cybersecurity”

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