Dr. Priyanka Mathur

Biography of Dr. Priyanka Mathur

Dr. Priyanka Mathur, a distinguished physician, boasts a wealth of international healthcare experience in India, Russia, and the United States. Her pioneering work has established her as a thought leader at the intersection of AI and medicine. Her impact in healthcare resonates globally, marked by accolades that recognize her groundbreaking contributions. As the visionary behind MediPocket Rx, she tackles prescription medication transparency and affordability. Collaborating with over 75,000 pharmacies across the United States, her MediPocket Rx discount card empowers users with savings of up to 80% on crucial medications.

Committed to democratizing high-quality healthcare, Dr. Mathur’s latest venture, MediPocket USA – Cross-Border Care,” heralds a new era in healthcare accessibility. This platform eliminates geographical boundaries, connecting patients worldwide with top-tier US medical expertise. It offers remote expert second opinions, advanced clinical trials, treatment, and more in collaboration with esteemed US medical
. At the core of Dr. Mathur’s pioneering initiatives are AI-driven recommendation engines, meticulously charting intricate health trajectories and delivering personalized medication solutions. Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Mathur’s philanthropic efforts shine brightly. She champions rural educational development in India and leads the fight against AIDS through her work with the AIDS Action Committee. In the United States, her advocacy for NFTE’s youth entrepreneurship initiatives and women in technology serves as a

Powerful source of inspiration. In academia, she wears many hats, serving as a board member, startup mentor, and angel investor, nurturing innovation from inception. Fluent in English, Russian, Hindi, and Sanskrit, Dr. Mathur elegantly navigates linguistic and professional landscapes. Her legacy transcends geographical and professional boundaries, reshaping healthcare and envisioning a future where medical excellence knows no borders.

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