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Ms. Jete Vaughn:

It’s Jete Vaughn. Dedicated to making a positive difference in children’s health and welfare, she is a passionate healthcare professional, experienced care coordinator, and outstanding public speaker. My writing of a warmhearted book that offers insightful observations and powerful lessons to kids aged 7 to 11 and their parents is the result of her trip. I have a solid history in healthcare, customer service, and responsibility, and I offer a fresh viewpoint to the table. Join me as we establish a connection and go toward inspiration and development.


  1. Author of books, public speaker, and problem solver Blurred Experiences of a Book Author, Public Speaker, and Solutionist
  2. Care Manager and Case ManagerTravel nurse, care coordinator, and case manager
  3. Chief clinical nurse specialist for EMRTechnology-leading clinical EMR nurse specialist

Academic Background:

1. Grand Canyon University
2. Widener University

In Phoenix, Arizona, there is a private Christian institution called Grand
Canyon institution. We are committed to using education to assist our students
improve their lives.

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, we provide a wide choice of
programs that you may complete online or on site. Our committed instructors and
staff will be there for you every step of the way to make sure you accomplish
your objectives.

GCU accepts students from all backgrounds and denominations even though we
are a Christian university.

Our goal is to see that every one of our students completes their education
and realizes their full potential. We sincerely think that GCU is the only
Christian University of its sort due to our goal, our devotion, and our long


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