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Speaker Announcement..!! we’re so excited to welcome amazing speaker Mr. Lakshmi Balaji, He will present his talk at Strengthening Primary Health Care and its role in preventing the next pandemic our CME/CPD accredited 13th World Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference, which will be held in Holiday Inn Los Angeles Airport LAX, USA & Virtual, from November 15–18, 2023.


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Leader in global health and authority on health systems and primary care bolstering with proven outcomes in multisectoral program outcomes at the national, regional, and worldwide levels as well as in international development and global health. For the past three years, speak up for children and represent UNICEF in G20 Health Working Groups. specialist in human rights-based program cooperation and results-based management Pioneer, created game-changing goods and procedures that UNICEF and the UN system claimed as their own, with far-reaching effects. conceptualized and created the multiple indicators cluster surveys (MICS), as well as the user-friendly ChildInfo and DevInfo national social indicators databases. co-lead the PHC Accelerator (Global Action Plan for Health Lives and Well-Being for All) in conjunction with the WHO; devoted to promoting equity and women’s and children’s rights

Control EQUIST by going to Oversaw the MDG 4, 5, and 6 review for the SG’s 2010 report to the GA and participated actively in the MDG task forces. led the evaluation of World Fit for Children Plus 5 during the 2007 Special Commemorative Session of the UN General Assembly. I also provided support to the African Union for the creation of Africa Fit for Children Plus 5 in 2007 and the AFFC in 2002.

co-created, with WHO and GPA, the first HIV/AIDS program ever funded by the World Bank for the Indian government (1991–1992); wrote youth education manuals; backed the creation of the Child Survival and Safe Motherhood program for medical professionals, as well as the Diploma in Maternal and Child Health program for them, which was created in collaboration with the School of Health Sciences at Indira Gandhi National Open University.

competence in international development at the national, regional, and international levels; created, carried out, overseen, and assessed multisectoral initiatives for women and children in Asia and Africa.

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