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Speaker Announcement..!! we’re so excited to welcome amazing speaker Mr. Sergey Sergyenko, He will present her talk at our CME/CPD accredited 13th World Healthcare, Hospital Management, Nursing, and Patient Safety Conference, which will be held in Holiday Inn Los Angeles Airport LAX, USA & Virtual, from November 15–18, 2023.


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Sergey Sergyenko is the CEO of Cybergizer, a boutique consultancy renowned for catapulting Med Tech and Healthcare firms to new heights ( Sergey brings to the table a track record of innovation in the fields of healthcare, life sciences, fintech, and e-learning.

His skill in developing specialised EHR/EMR solutions, mHealth and fitness apps, together with cloud-based medical software, has been a key component in modernising healthcare delivery. Not to be outdone, the digital payment systems and fraud monitoring tools he designed demonstrate his fintech expertise.

Sergey continues to revolutionise corporate training in the area of eLearning by creating bespoke educational software solutions that make learning interesting and accessible. His upcoming session, which will be yet another step in his development, promises to be a deep discourse on using integrated digital platforms to rethink early intervention services.

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