Ms. Sue E. Goodin

Biography of Ms. Sue E. Goodin

Ms. Sue E. Goodin:

Profession: CEO at ResilienceONE™

Address: Denver, Colorado, United States

  • Sue E. Goodin has spent 30 years working in the medical field and has developed into a real visionary who has significantly changed how doctors, nurses, and other professionals handle stress and burnout. In 2018, she established Progressive Health, an organization devoted to enhancing the standard of healthcare via integrative health and wellbeing.
  • With its headquarters in Denver, Progressive collaborates with medical professionals and leaders in Colorado and throughout the country to develop fresh approaches to preventing burnout. Sue has a really appropriate moniker for it: “Head Cheerleader for Nurse Burnout.”
  • ResilienceONE, a complete, high-tech/high-touch systems approach that supports workers with tools they can use in their everyday lives, is one of the resilience and wellness solutions offered by Progressive Health that are adaptable, scalable, and supportive of employees’ needs. Daily check-ins to improve empowerment and self-monitor habits are possible, minimizing burnout before it happens.
  • For the first 12 weeks of the program, Sue and her team work on the hospital floor. After that, they move to a digital platform where staff may continue their habits over time and facilities can more easily spot patterns and determine when staff can benefit from on-site assistance. Progressive offers treatments including massage and acupuncture as well as classes on various health practices like breathwork and meditation. This personal touch is what makes Progressive stand apart.
  • There are numerous digital channels available, but Sue says that we offer personal connection, which is crucial. Her strategy was recognized with the Top 50 Healthcare Companies by the International Forum for the Advancement in Healthcare in 2018 and the Top 100 Healthcare Leadership Award Health 2.0 from Progressive in 2019.
  • Sue and her staff meet workers where they are because they are all health care experts. “As the practical employee help program in hospitals, we were there for them during COVID, there to listen and support. And we’re doing it right now, both physically and online,” Sue explains. “Leaders are becoming more aware of how crucial it is to look after their followers.
  • It is extremely satisfying that we can offer the appropriate tools to support healthcare practitioners. Progressive Health sees workplaces with a workforce where people are in their best physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and are able to realize their full potential.

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Speech Title: “Tools for Reducing Employee Burnout”
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